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Message from JoyBiz

It has been 17 years since it is been said `21st century is age of mind`. At first people thought it is intended to be the ‘emotion’ centered on ‘healing’ with boom of pet animals and relaxational activities.

However, nowdays it has been well not that it is not about the level of surface layer. The younger generations tend to exist on hand to mouth without their destinattion and energy. Vulnerable young business professionals due to lack of having experiences of emotional conflicts, emotional obstacles, or the failurere. Mid career professionals who aren’t capable of team activities and collaboration because of insufficient experiences in terms of personal interactioon. Managers who cannot play a leadership role neither have their own intension and merely the operational expert as an extention of their mid career experiences, Exectives who cannotexecute appropriate decision making, and so on… The mind of Japanese people are becoming weak and weak inversely propotional to bigger comepition and collaboration in the global scale.

When we talk about the mind, it is not just about ‘emotion’, but also inclusively deep level with area of ‘intention’ and ‘sensitivity’. What is currently required for Japanese business professinals are not development of skills like problem solving. It is rather about working on the development the ‘mind’ to undertake the problem solving, especially cultivation and gymnastics of ‘intension (consiousness)’. JoyBiz, the engineering firm that provides problem solving solutions with regards to the organizations and talents, has been involving clients’ hands-on situations to support problem solvings. We continue to develop our own job-oriented methodology by using technologies of behaviour science, social psychology and recent brain science. Through 30 years of our activities, we have faced the fact that the most of problem solving processes get derailed due to the lack of ‘Intension (counsioucness)’ , driving force towards implementation, rather than lack of skills. No matter how good the plans are, the results are not delivered without the implementation. Nor the creativity is born if the thoughts are based on the negative attitude.

The ‘emotion’ activates those implementtion and creativity required rather then the ‘intelligence’. The emotion has the power to distort the thinkings. And it is the ‘Intention’- the consciousness that lead the emotion. As the result, JoyBiz have reached to the state that there is no other way of effective problem solving without cultivating the ‘Intention’- the counsicousness.

JoyBiz is a consulting company who supoorts clients’ talent development and orvanizational development by not only providing training for skills and knowledges necessarily for problem solvings, but also cultivating ‘Intension (consciousness)’ and developing ‘Mind Vital (pillar of mind )’ *

* JoyBiz understandds Mind Vital (Emotinal Energy), in Japanese way, as pillar of mind to the terminology of body trunk that means the center of body.

Scope of JoyBiz’s client supports

Leadership development of new generation of leaders, specialized in development of business management sense, and development of Intention (consciousness) and Mind vital (pillar of mind) that form the basis of the human ability.

Devlopment of organizational vital (emotional power, collaboration, co-creation) for the organization and team

Stress management and mental training

Training to raise the level of both organizational and individual intention (consciousness) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Increase the sense in terms of problem solving

Workplace development to increase the team productivity

Conduct Vital Index Surveys to assess the energy level of workplalce, individuals, and their EQ level.

Concept of JoyBiz

JoyBiz idealizes and aims to support our clinets having the situation that their management and business activities are filled with joy in all aspects, and being sustainable with such conditions. For such conditions, their business itself constantly needs to be innocated. Through the innovation the companies build the position in the particular market and leverage the values evaluated from clients, which could be the launch of new products and services, and realization of dramatical cost reduction and efficiency of organizational operation and so on. It can be stated that both achievements cannot be earned from the extension of past activities

However, for most of people, it takes so much courages to break with our their past and step in unkonwn zone. Through the experiences with our clients, JoyBiz has found that 2 factors apply to the companies that are struggling to make the innovation happen are; 1) new ideas cannot be raised anyhow, and 2) at the stage of implementing nenw ideas it ends up in an anticlimax at the organizational level. Except the situation where an entrepreneur individually starts up his own business, innovations are actually created by the ‘network’ of wisdom of multiple people, not by one genuis person. There can be ‘network of multiple information’, ‘network of feelings and feelings’, ‘network among the fucntions/ department’, and ‘network of inside and ourside the company’ and so on. The keywords of innovation today exist whithin ‘collaboration.

For example, for the innovation at the individual level, new ideas don’t come up unless the person removes the ‘frame of his own concept’. And in order to get out of self-trapped stereotype, the person must be inspired by others who have different concept. Creativity is born from the collaboration with others. Yet in reality, the problem always raises as whether the individual has the ‘Intension (consciousness)’ to accept the different concept of others. In many cases the individual tends to miss the great oppertunities of the innovations due to the low level of ‘Intension (consciousness)’. For successful collaboration, the higest priority for the individuals are to enhance their ‘Mind vital (pillar of mind)’ to develop ‘Intension (consciousness)’ . JoyBiz defines it as ‘Talent Innovaion’.

Also in terms of the innovation at the companies, a key for making the innovation is to execute the ideas raised by collaborations of organization. Likewise the individual innovations, through collaboration of people as a team, the creative information synergetically intersect as the opinions the idea is raised which cannot be achieved by just one person. At the organiztional level, such process functions as the world-wide activity that leverages the virtual space at global level. Moreover, where people procceed with their jobs 24/7 at the same time, ideas are exchanged and the connected intelligence and knowledge are take place like one activity within the brain.

However, there is a huge barrier for the companies to make the innvation. The challenge is ‘how the innovation can be created with the base of successul relathionship among respective people under diversity of different culture and consciousness?’ The barrier among people at the organization is not merely whithin ‘individual to individual’ relationship. Another type of barrier also exists which is affected by group thinking and rooted in the group dynamics. Without removing these barriers and enhancing intelligence and thinking to generate the motivation of people, companies are unable to make the innovations happen. For the companies to encourage executing tasks towards the innovation, it is essentail to have network of relationship among the employees within the organization which must be kept at positive and high level of aggregability, and enhance the engagement for better collaboration. Those intensity of internal network is called ‘Organizational Vital’, and Joybiz defines the approch of embraging the ‘Organizational Vital’ as ‘Organizational Innovation’. Companies successfully attain the innovationn and gain the financial benefits by embracing the ‘Organizational Vital’ and executing the tasks with hihghly collaborated team.

Joybiz provides our clients the program called ‘LIFT’, approches to generate innovation for talent and organization.
※ LIFT (Life Intension & Force Treatment: Accomodating the frame of mind and consciousness to vividly spend one’s life) is a synthetic program to help make the innovation by raising Mind Vita (m)l and Intension and further sharing with others

JoyBiz supports clilents’ JoyBiz (joyful busniess activity) through help creating enviroment for making innovations.
We, as JoyBiz Consulting Inc., supports our clients to embracing the following situations;
・The employees are highly engaged to their jobs
・The whole organization is aligned to direct towards company’s vision and missio
・The Organizational Vital of the whole organiztion is maintained at high level so that they can make quick recovery from the failures.
・Surrended byb the positive atmosphere where the innovation is highly likely to be made.

Develop the pillar of mind and sensitibity

Companies are currently at the stage creation all over the world, and their most interests are about ‘how to make an innovation’. However, in reality, they are struggled with the vulnerability of talents who are core member to activate the activities for the innovation. Yet it is certin that there is few opportunities to see the company that invests for the development towards the innovation in a serious manner. In many cases, such situations occur due to the fact that companies focus on developing skills and techniques like MBA programs, from beggining to the end. Sense (intuitive ability) matters more than anything for the innovtion. Skill is the bility to take advantage of the sense (intuitive ability), therfore it is meaningless to provide the skill training for those who don’t have the sense.

Here, the sense deeply links to the consicousness called Mind Vital (Level of emotional activeness). There are 2 scenes of Mind Vital; one is the ‘Momentum’ that are ‘power’ and ‘active’ that proactively charges people. The pillar of mind, used as synonym for the center of body, is the mental attitude that is positions the direction of any thinking and emotions. The other is ‘Resilience’ which are the power of recevery and tolerance again the stress. While ‘Center of the body’ connects with the fatigue, decrease of enduring strength, and decrease of enegry, so as Mind Vital (pillar of mind) functions in the pshycological way.

Mind Vital acts as the pillar of mind not only recovering people who are emotionaly exhausted (e.g. under depression), but buildig the tolerance for preventing it. Mind Vital is also related to the empowenment of people who are lacking infuluential power and developmet of creativity. Mind Vital, synonymous with Center of the body, is able to be developed and strengthened by practicing. In the way of phychological study, it is undestood that mind of self-sufficiency and altruism are the base of Mind Vital. It has been scientifically proved that cultivating these consciousness build the positive psychology and leads to enriching Mind Vital. There is a quote of traditional Japanese marchal arts, ‘Good spirit, technique and physical condition for fight’ is refered to the fact that skills are based on strengthened Mind Vital and Center of the body. Skills, precisely, depends on the condition of sense.

Please contact JoyBiz if you are struggling that expected results are not produced and thinking, ‘I should have understood in rational terms….’ or ‘Sufficient training are provided, yet..’. We will be able to consult you for the problems in all its bearings.

Develop a sense

We often see the words of sense, for exapmle, business sense and sales sense. What exactly does sense mean? JoyBiz defines ‘sense’ as `the power of intuitive vision`. ‘Intuition’ is the instant imagination (ideation) rooted in indivudual animus quo and emotion. And also ‘Sense’ means the movement of emotion, that perception cognizes things instantly activates towards the creation. Where there is no consiousness, neither does interstes arise, and where there is no interestes, neither being able to have new ideas. So it could be said that the instincts are significantly affeceted by the education. The education is about the quality and quantity of education that people gain through their experiences and learnings, and it is the exsistence of pattern of thoughts. Some people have gained these pattern of thoughts by themselves by feeling, yet in many cases sense is developed through building basic pattern with visual learning. Therefore, the sense is significantly affected by individual emotions and the quality his/her discipline.

For example, ‘sense of sales’ won’t be developed for people who have no interests in communication, neither for people who have no backgrounds in experiencing of interaction with people. Sales is really about the activities that generate the effectiveness by having these sense and additionally combining knowledge of particular industrial knowledge and selling skills. In fact, skills is the capability to shape the sense. Hence, having no sense and trying the skill development does not generate the practices.

Sense”, as the action of mind, is linked to `ways of thoughts’ which is navigated by the inidividual emotion and background. Therefore, wheather the sense becomes sponteneous or developed depends on the ‘Mind Vital (Pillar of Mind)’, meaning individual emotion and the way of thoughts.

It especially applies to the sense of business management. People tend to focus on the ‘sense’ when talikng about developing the leladers and successors as the next generation. And in many cases, MBA programs are introduced. Hoewever, sense of business management is not about the skill.. The most important essence of business management is creativity and decision making. Decision-making is the matter of ‘intension (consiousness)’. Therefore, in order to sharpen the sense for business managerment, it it essential to introspect and revise the way individual ‘intension (consiousness)’ and cultivating ‘mind vital (pillar of mind)’. Skill education linke MBA should be the next step of these processes stated above.

If the person has no sense, whatever the aspect we multipy, zero is the outcome. It is important to raise the level from zero to one.

Generally we call the activities of revising ‘Intension (consicousness)’ and strengthening ‘Mind Vital (pillar of mind)’ as ‘Reforming Awareness’.

JoyBiz is the expertised company to provide ‘Learnings for sophisticating senses’, founded by the specialist who has consulted in the areas of organizational development and talent development over 30 years, with applications of behavioral science, social psychology, and neuroscience.

Message from CEO

JoyBiz Consulting, Inc
Isao Onda

“The economic market globally acts 24/7, yet it’s processing state are operated per second. Whilst surrounded in such a competitive environment, there are many of younger people who are born in age of plenty, continue spending their lives not being able to find their life aim and suffering from a sense of stagnation. The mirror of society is in the atmosphere filled with unhappiness and negativity. And the exaggerated movement of pessimistic view of live and attacking others are spread over on the internet etc. Looking at the current situation, there is no doubt that apart from breaking new ground by innovation, we are unable to obtain the vision for the future nor being able to seek the emotional fulfillment. Needless to say, social activity including the business activities are the continual process of problem solving. And these problems certainly are not always ‘existing / analytical processing’ pattern. In the scene of ‘Innovative type’ of problem solving that set it’s own assumption for the future and execute on the trial and error basis, thinking and actions to overcome the unknown source and the challenges that has no correct answers, are required.”

And currently, any organization and/ or the individuals are on the status of being hit by this innovative type of problem solving. The reality is that although many people talk about ‘innovation’, the concept and the practices has not become a big trend. In terms of innovation, the key is to foster and transform the mind of ‘intention’, to overcome the fear and anxiety rather than just learning technique and methodology. However, because of lack of awareness for this aspect, there are often the cases where fostering those mindset are kept untouched. In real business scene, the big issues of emotion barriers towards the innovation/ changes are identifiable.

Incidentally, While the decision making consists of elements related with emotion which can’t be covered by the techniques, emotion cannot be developed by neither rationally polishing the skills nor preparing the techniques. The movement of emotion are not the rational process of ‘Skills’, it is rather activated by the sensibility process of ‘sense’. So the ‘sense’ it is and different capability from the skill. Therefore, sense cannot be educated by the approach of developing the skill. In case where the sense is required to be educated trough the processes of innovation, taking approach of traditional skill training does not contribute to the organization. Improving the sense means increasing the level of ‘sensitivity’ and retaining the strong will towards the sensitivity is the premise for the improvement.

And the consciousness related that will are Resilience and Momentum. Resilience and Momentum are both expressed as Mind Vital that means the pillar of mind, responding to the terminology of body trunk that means the center of body.

In the coming age, I have no doubt that society needs strengthening the vital, and individuals needs developing the Live Intension for Japan to keep surviving in the global society.

Recently the approaches of organizational development that describes Resilience which is one of the mind vitals, as core competence of the organization, and produce, It can be stated as developing below aspects;

・Employees interact to each other with the positive relationship;
・Amplify the wisdom and optimize the emotional energy;
・Strengthen collaborative group consciousness to deepen the relationship of each other in the group; and
・Increase the level of co-creative group consciousness and the power generated from such mind

We have helped clients with tailor-made organizational development and talent development solutions that valuing on-the-ground execution. Especially, our engineering technology of approaching the emotion and mids are highly eveluated. Through our cases and know-how, we have realiazed innovation that the critical issues of innovation when aimning for organizational development and talen development are the mind changes. And we have reached to the concept the essense of mind change are the development of intention and vital.

And by focusing on this concept, we have delivered sucessful result of Talent Development including the successors and executives as well as attaining the corporate strategy. Our clients have diverse background, from Multinationals to Cooperative association.

“We, JoyBiz, is always keen to suppoort people and organizations; wants to make innovation,wanting to change the negative corporate culture that doesn’t leverage talent of the employees,struggilng to manage younger generations , and or the strategic initiatives are not well impemented. And we strongly hope that cliients gain their own capability of executing innovation and making changes. “

Value & Principle


JoyBiz means ‘joyful business management.’
Joybiz aims to implement and support clients’ rich full business management as well as clients’ support towards the same direction.

We aim to be ‘Engineeting company of the organizational behavior’, having the technologies that enable and interact organizations and their people sustainable condition of being happy and joyful.

For us, JOY means generating the situation where team and individuals appear at their best and it’s result by their productive works through their best sppearance. Our vision is to help clients having such JOY.

  • We aim to last for 100 years.
  • Essentiallu buildup the organization for the sake of people
  • Earn the trast at world best level with the concept of consolidated intelligence, emotion, and intension.
  • Turn so callled risky business to real business by providin benefits for all three sides (meaning all stakeholders sides )
  • Support to realise the society with maximized level and amount of happiness

About Us

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Our approaches and technology

We utilize not only training approach, but also varieties of approcahes for clients. Especially approaches callled ‘Eperience Learning’ is extremely effective as people can learn from their experiences.

Conesthesis Learning (Activities, Meditation etc)

Conesthesis Learning

Action changes of peple often happen by their own findings nd awarenesses. There are many types of methodoloy of learnings, but appropriate processes vary depends on the stages; 1) Don’t know, 2) Know, but can’t do, 3)Know, but don’t do.

Of course, the best condition for employees is ‘Can do’, but classroom learning often leadsparicipants to the situation of ‘Know how, but can’t do’ and dooesn’t proceed to any further processes.

On the other side, therefore blended pattern of ‘Knowledge learninng’ and ‘Conesthesis learning’ leads people to change their actions.

What exactly do you do in those activities?

They are physical exercises as a team which can be implemented both indoors and outdoors.

Why do we do the activities?

We introduce activities so that learners better understand what are needed for collaboration as a team, and pattern of his/ her daily behaviour.

This approach is suited for the development and deepening findings in the emotaional area rather than intelligene area.

  • How do I normally communicate with team member?
  • What kind of emotions rise in myseg when facing challenges and teams are not facing the forward direction?
  • Do I sense or realize non-verbal emotions of anxiety and/or satisfaction from team members?
  • How do the team member see myself?

What levels of people are effective to particiapte?

This activities are effective for all levels.
From our expeiences, the most effective was to utilize the activities are for

  • Management level
  • A whole team with various level

There is a movie available for more details.